"Encouraging the love of dance
in a fun and friendly way"

For Children age 3 to 18 year olds

At the MAPA School of Dancing I work hard to make sure your child loves to come to class. I run a school where children run into the hall beaming excitedly knowing that Miss Micaela is going to teach them a fun dance, lively dance class.  I want parents to be reassured  that their child's place in the school won't increase to two, three days a week increasing their monthly costs.  That costumes wouldn't break the bank. I want children to learn techniques, skills and grow in confidence. I want parents to take comfort in the fact that I am looking after their children as if they are my own. Learning each ones likes and dislikes, finding out about their family and pets, discovering their weaknesses and making them stronger, more independent individuals allowing them to face new challenges both at dancing and in life. 
I don't envisage my students to be the next Prima Ballerinas, but when they are old telling stories of their youth the loving memorable times that they shared at the MAPA School of Dancing will be at the fore front of their minds.

"A dance class that is so much more than just dancing exams and performances. A place where children are encouraged to reach their full potential, not just as dancers but as people. The classes are fun, nurturing and creative. And because the children are enjoying themselves, making friends and encouraging they do well in the exams and performances. " Ruth 2021
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